Why Dogs Itch



The obvious, and essential, answer:

The reason why dogs itch is: it is a Symptom of something that is not “right”!

The reason why dogs itch is: it is a Symptom of something that is not “right”!

The reason why dogs itch is: it is a Symptom of something that is not “right”!

The reason why dogs itch is: it is a Symptom of something that is not “right”!

The reason why dogs itch is: it is a Symptom of something that is not “right”!

“Why repeatedly overstate the obvious?” you ask.


  1. Important information bears repeating, and
  2. that obvious reason why dogs itch isn’t so obvious to many people, including some highly educated, otherwise excellent veterinarians who’s approach seems to be to suppress the symptoms rather than correct the cause.

Another very important thought to keep in mind is:

Symptoms are our friends!

Symptoms are nature’s way of alerting us when something is not right. If we suppress the symptoms we tend to ignore the underlying problem. Ignoring the problem can result in much more serious conditions, including premature death. It is best to NOT interfere with symptoms until the underlying cause has been identified and eliminated!


  1. Nutritionally deficiency

  2. Toxic overload.

Do those seem too simple? To confirm their validity, first review some NATURAL LAWS OF HEALTH:

  • “No sickness or disease can survive in a perfectly healthy body.”

  • “Parasites exist to re-cycle the sick, dying and dead. They are not only not attracted to the healthy, but are actually strongly repelled by healthy bodies.”

  • “Nature has provided a natural solution to every natural challenge to health.”

  • “Human interference has introduced many health challenges which would have rarely been encountered in nature. Still, there is a natural solution to every challenge that has been caused by man.

If your dog continues to have itching and scratching issues, you and your veterinarian have most likely been treating SYMPTOMS. That is like trying to put out a fire with a smoke-eater. IT WON’T WORK! It is a huge waste of time and energy, and will likely only fan the flames. The solution is found through identifying the causes, then eliminating and reversing them.


Why Dogs Itch From Heavy Metal Toxicity.

  1. Most vaccines, especially those manufactured for animals, contain mercury. It is ‘masked’ in a compound called “Thiomersal” which is reported to be 49% mercury. This is the same mercury that, if you were to accidentally release into the environment by breaking an old thermometer, would legally require you to evacuate your home and call for an emergency HAZMAT cleanup. It is a deadly poison which the body has a great deal of difficulty eliminating. It is known to cause organ damage, immune system degradation and persistent skin issues as the body attempts to push it out of the body. It also mimics magnesium in cellular composition, causing cellular mutation and malfunctions.

  2. Wood preservatives in decks, landscaping timbers (railroad ties), posts and poles contains arsenic. Arsenic has been detected in vegetation up to 51 feet away from the source. Dogs absorb the arsenic through their paws and skin from walking and laying on decking and ingest it from eating grasses, etc. that grow nearby. Arsenic is known to cause severe skin issues as the body attempts to push it out.

  3. Fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides and pesticides may contain high amounts of heavy metals and other toxic substances, especially subsequent to recent relaxed government regulations. These are then absorbed through the feet and body from the vegetation and soil, and from ingestion of the plants.

Why Dogs Itch From Other Toxins.

  1. Most dog foods are preserved with toxic chemicals. Until very recently, a popular preservative in pet foods was the same substance also known as “Agent Orange” during the Viet Nam war. Detriments to health caused by Agent Orange are fairly well documented through the devastation and high cancer rates of the South Vietnamese people and military personnel who were stationed there. If it had not been for a growing public outcry and boycotts of certain popular pet foods, they would likely still be using it. Instead, they have switched to other, lesser known toxins to give their products a “forever” shelf life.

  2. Most pet foods are now made from ingredients imported from China, and contain unknown and un-monitored toxins and other substances. You may recall that recently thousands of dogs became ill and died due to the inclusion of plastic waste products in pet food imported from China.

  3. Genetically modified organisms are being used to manufacture pet foods. There is much evidence to indicate that GMOs are very harmful to the health of any creature that ingests it. When given an option, animals will turn away from GMO “foods.” When they have no other source of food, they are forced to eat it to their detriment and demise.

Why Dogs Itch From Nutritional Deficiency.

  1. Processed pet foods, even the very best such as 
    Dynamite Super Premium Dog Food
    , do not contain adequate nutrition to keep dogs at optimum health. Dynamite compensates for this fact by offering an add-on supplement known as ‘Canine TNT’  (Total Nutritional Top-dress) to better fulfill a dog’s nutritional needs. Even so, Dynamite freely acknowledges that a home-prepared balanced raw food diet for dogs is superior to their excellent kibble product. Adding Dynamite’s Canine TNT to a well-formulated home-prepared raw diet brings the food to as near perfect as may be possible, given the societal limitations of obtaining fully nutritious food.

  2. The reason that full and complete nutrition is so critically important is that it provides the “fuel” required to support all the bodily functions, especially cellular repair, immune support, parasite rejection and toxin removal. Complete, balanced nutrition is the keystone to perfect health–and perfectly healthy dogs don’t require an answer to why dogs itch. It simply does not happen to any significant degree.

Now that you have a valid paradigm to work from, let’s solve “Why dogs itch” for YOUR dogs. Since good nutrition is critically important to recovery from all conditions, including toxicity. it is recommended that your next read is the NUTRITION SECTION.

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